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01. Pup Idol
02. Pure and Clear Beauty
03. Storm Rage
04. Dual
05. Office Curling
06. All You've Got
07. Kon's Big Trouble
08. Onepiece Matching Game
09. Art Thief
10. Mirror Beauty

Y8 Alien Games

Alien Chase
Alien Attack Game
Alien Under Fire
UFO Shooting Girl
Guitar Nero
Budget Invasion
Star Ladder
Alien Hunter Game
Metroid Genesis
Alien vs Predator
Alien Bounce
Yugopotamia Mania
Cell Juniors Revenge
Naked Melee Armageddon
Morality Wars
Zoyaz Attack
Brighton Bounty Hunter
Alien Discipline
Star Trap
Star Craft Brood War
Alien Annihilators
Obama vs Aliens
Alien Abduction 2
The Legacy of Guy - Guy's Endeavor
Mars Fighter
UFO Racing
Scattered Bolts
Hungry Space
Monsters vs. Alien - Gallaxhar Invades
Mission to Venus
Rock & Roll Space Monkey
Warm Game
Alien Shooter
South Park Alien Chase
Master Blaster Deluxe
Twin Hobo Rocket

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